Manufacture of cylindrical bevel gears

Cylindrical Gears

Manufacture of spur gears, helical gears, gears with internal teeth and all other types of cylindrical gears.

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Manufacture of bevel gears

Bevel Gears

Manufacture of spiral bevel gears, bevel gears with straight teeth and other types of bevel gears.

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Manufacture of worm gears

Worm Gears

Manufacture of worm gears and single-threaded, multi-threaded and compensating worms (screws).

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Partners and customers:

Main activities:

Arco OOD is specialized in gear-cutting and whole production of all types of gears and gear elements. The company has many years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of cylindrical and bevel gears, sprockets, worm gears, splined shafts and compounds. Arco OOD also offers repairing services, including diagnosis of damaged driving mechanisms and manufacture of required spare parts for planetary, bevel and worm gearboxes, differentials, transmission boxes and other mechanisms. Arco OOD is very closely cooperating with experienced researchers in the University of Ruse, which gives opportunities for integrating innovative solutions and practices in the production processes of the gears. The company uses computer and software systems that are developed for the accurate and timely calculations of the gear parameters. The offices and the manufacturing facilities of Arco OOD are located in Ruse, Bulgaria.
Gear cutting

Areas of application:

The gears and gear elements produced by Arco OOD find a wide application in the Bulgarian and foreign markets. Most often, our products and services are sought by customers in the following branches: • Mining industry • Energy sector • Agriculture • Transport • Railway industry • Chemical industry • Food industry • Ceramics industry
Production of gears

Production capacities:

Arco OOD is capable of executing the following manufacturing processes for the production of gears: • Gear hobbing of cylindrical gears with straight or helical external teeth • Gear cutting of worm gears • Gear cutting of cylindrical gears with internal teeth • Gear cutting of bevel gears with straight or spiral teeth • Cutting of sprocket gears • Spline cutting of shafts, openings and other gear elements • Teeth grinding of cylindrical gears • Grinding of worm gears • Grinding of external splines