About Us


Arco OOD was founded in 1990 by highly-qualified specialists in the areas of gear-cutting and gear mechanisms, who also worked as lecturers and scientific researchers at the University of Ruse. The office and the production facilities are located in Ruse, Bulgaria. Today, the high-end level of technological and scientific methods of production are maintained due to the close relations with acclaimed scientists and researchers in the fields of gears and transmissions. Arco OOD is one of the established producers of transmissions and spare parts in Bulgaria. The wide range of available machinery and equipment, supplemented by manufacturing experience and scientific potential give the possibility for the solution of the most sophisticated tasks in the area of gear transmissions. The quality of our products and the timely delivery of the orders is guaranteed.


The company specializes in:
• Production of spare parts in the area of gears, gear compounds and transmissions
• Analysis, design and recovery of traditional and non-traditional gears
• Manufacturing and repair of cylindrical, bevel, bevel-cylindrical, planet and worm reduction gearboxes
• Mechanical treatment (gear cutting, gear grinding, lathing, milling, coordinate drilling, round and flat grinding) of components
• Modernization of transmission gearboxes for automobiles
• Recovery and repair of gear pumps and hydromotors.