Bevel gears

Bevel gears with spiral teeth
Manufacture of spiral bevel gears
Spiral bevel gear cutting
• Module: from 2 to 16 • Outer diameter: up to 850mm
Bevel gears with straight teeth
Manufacture of bevel gears with straight teeth
Straight bevel gear cutting
• Module: from 1 to 8 • Outer diameter: up to 450mm

About the bevel gears:

Arco OOD is specialized in the manufacture of bevel gears. Our equipment allows the production of spiral bevel gears and bevel gears with straight teeth. The processes of designing and calculating the parameters of spiral bevel gears require vast experience and knowledge in this area. With its specialists and more than 25 years of working with such gear sets, Arco OOD has proven itself as a reliable partner in the production of bevel gears. Our gear-cutting equipment for bevel gears is based on the Gleason system.