Arco OOD has a vast experience in the design, calculation and manufacture for gear transmissions in racing gearboxes and our company has proved to be a reliable partner of our many customers from the motor sports. We offer initial consultations regarding the optimization of the gearboxes of sports automobiles, as we can design new gear drives with new customized ratios, specified by the clients.

Our capacity for designing and manufacturing of gear parts gives us the possibility to produce the frequently used in most sports gearboxes “dog box” transmissions, but we can also offer the more traditionally used synchromesh transmissions. We also offer different options regarding the type of teeth in the drives of the gearboxes – with straight or helical teeth. We have experience in the manufacture of transmissions for both sequential (SEQ) gearboxes, as well as the traditional H-pattern ones.

We manufacture the gears with a proven technology, guaranteeing high quality of the transmissions. Special steel for carburization is used with the appropriate heat treatment. This allows for the formation of a hard layer on the surface of the teeth, while the core remains softer and flexible – a property, required for the quality performance of the transmissions in the gearboxes.

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