• Repair of cylindrical, bevel, bevel-cylindrical, planet and worm reduction gearboxes
• Design and manufacturing of reduction gearboxes based on customer specifications
• Repair of gear pumps
• Repair of differentials and transmission boxes
• Designing new gears in transmission boxes, realizing the transmission parameters as required by the client
• Gear hobing of cylindrical gears with external straight and helical teeth, worm gears
• Gear shaping of cylindrical gears with internal and external teeth, block-teeth gears, teeth sectors
• Gear-cutting of bevel gears (crowns and pinions) with straight and spiral teeth
• Gear-cutting of sprocket gears, spline shafts, spline openings, gear teeth-profile components and others
• Tooth grinding of cylindrical gears and worm gears
• Gear grinding of external splines
• Lathing of large-scale components
• Coordinate mechanical boring and treatment