Worm gears

Worm gears
Manufacture of worm gears
Worm gear cutting
• Module: from 1 to 20
• Outer diameter: up to 1200mm
Single-threaded, multi-threaded and compensating worm screws
Manufacture of single-threaded, multi-threaded and compensating worm screws
• Module: from 1 to 12
• Outer diameter: up to 250mm
• Length: up to 1000mm

About the worm gears and drives:

Arco OOD has many years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of worm gears and drives. We have equipment that allows the production of worm gears with outer diameter of up to 1.8 meters and single-threaded or multi-threaded worm screws with length of up to 1 meter. Our production capacities for grinding worm screws give opportunities for restoring the damaged worm drives in short deadlines and reduced costs for the customer, as it allows to evade the manufacture of a new worm screw. The most used material for the production of worm gears is the bronze, due to its characteristics, which are convenient with the high levels of friction in this type of gear drives. We also offer options of working with materials provided by the customer.